Intro to Crafter CMS 3.0

Watch this results-driven webinar and find out how Crafter CMS 3.0 can help you create next generation digital experiences with blazing speed.

The Crafter CMS 3.0 includes a number of game changing capabilities including support for Git, a new user targeting and personalization system, improved CMIS integration and first-class support for headless CMS projects.


- How Crafter CMS 3.0 is revolutionizing digital businesses
- Why Git radically changes the game for content management, replacing the old and tired approaches based on SQL databases of JCR
- How to build high performance, scalable and elastic digital experiences
- Live demo of features

  • Created by: Crafter Software
  • Tags: Webinar / DevOps / Personalization / Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) / Git / Headless CMS / Content as a Service / JCR

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